We at Bentley’s live by the golden rule of treating others how you wish to be treated. As pet parents, that rule naturally extends to our four-legged friends. For them, one of the most important ways we can show them how much we care is by feeding them all natural, nutrient-rich food that promotes lifelong health and longevity. Love them well and feed them well.

Real food makes all the difference. We stand behind pet foods that are free of by-products, corn, wheat, soy & chemical preservatives.


our story

It all started in Arlington Heights, Illinois with the health of our own pet Bentley. Our best friend, our first child and the inspiration for our passion – Bentley's PetStuff.

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home delivery

Free, next-day delivery on food, treats, toys, supplements and more. Spend less time shopping and more time lovin' on your pets! Doorstep delivery powered by our partner Pet Food Zoom.

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