Logan Honeycutt and fellow Lakeview resident Mike Cody last year launched BareItAll Petfoods, which contains Asian carp as its primary protein source.

Asian Carp are a sustainable, non-native, and highly invasive species of fish that have spread across the Midwest over the past 60 years.

The Asian carp species are insatiable eaters consuming much of the food that native fish would normally eat. Due to their large appetites, aggressiveness, and lack of natural predators, Asian Carp are capable of outcompeting other native fish and dominating our rivers, lakes, and reserves. 


These fish have been migrating towards the Great Lakes where, if left unchecked, could destroy a $7 billion per year fishing industry--something BareitAll is focused on preventing. 


High in easily digest protein and packed with healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, Asian Carp make extremely nutritious and delicious treats for your pet. 

"I thought I was taking crazy pills when I looked it up and saw no one else was doing this," said Honeycutt, who wrote his senior thesis at College of Charleston on the environmental impact of Asian carp. "All of the efforts have been focused on creating a human market, which has had very, very little success. Right away, we saw enormous potential with the pet market. Options are endless when you view it from a market-based perspective as food for other animals."

The Asian carp are caught Downstate and manufactured with the other ingredients at a Schaumburg warehouse. Cody and Honeycutt's operation runs out of an office at Irving Park and Ravenswood, just east of the Brown Line stop.


“These fish are really good for you and your pets but horrible for the environment,” Honeycutt said in a recent interview. “No predators are equipped to handle a full-grown Asian carp. We truly believe that a market-based solution is the best way to impact their population. Everyday consumers can take part and drive some change… We saw that the focus was on human consumption and wanted to take advantage of the pet market.”

The products — currently three different versions are sold in all Bentley's Pet Stuff locations. They are offered only as dog treats, but Honeycutt said the company is expanded to the cat market this summer.