It’s happened to everyone; we’ve all had a sick dog.  It’s never fun when your poor pooch is suffering from an upset tummy. In order to keep your dog’s digestive processes running smoothly, all you have to do is add some more fiber to his or her diet! It sounds simple and that’s because it is.  Not only will adding fibrous digestive supplements to your dog’s diet prevent them from many stomach issues, they are also a handy thing to have on hand in case of any emergencies, like when visitors feed your dog table scraps, or they ingest something that doesn't sit well with them.

dog eating pumpkin.jpg

Two of our favorite digestive supplements are the Pampering Pumpkin Blend by Nummy Tum Tum and Dr. Pumpkin, which is made by Fruitables. Nummy Tum Tum’s Pamperin Pumpkin blend features an all-natural blend of pumpkins, apples, and cranberries. The pumpkins are proudly grown right here in the US of A! Adding extra convenience to this stellar supplement is a handy-dandy resealable packaging, allowing the Pampering Pumpkin Blend to be enjoyed over several different occasions. 

Fruitable’s Dr. Pumpkin not only helps your pooch’s tummy troubles, but it also doubles as a fantastic low-calorie treat. At only 68 calories per cup, Dr. Pumpkin makes the perfect low-calorie dessert that is sure to give your dog that full feeling we all love to have. In addition to the benefits from the soluble and insoluble fiber, which help with regular bowel movements, Dr. Pumpkin also includes ginger--a powerful natural aid that helps with nausea, upset stomach, and diarrhea.

Whether or not you use Nummy Tum Tum’s Pampering Pumpkin or Fruitable’s Dr. Pumpkin, these pumpkin based nutritional supplements will help your dog have the healthiest digestive system possible by keeping things smooth and regular.